3D PluraView Monitor – Advantages & Benefits

Choose the reference in stereo visualization!

3D PluraView functions and advantages

  • Synchronous, latency-free image signal thanks to a new developed, in monitor case integrated mirror card

  • Significantly reduced Ghosting thanks to our exactly adjusted mirror and optimized polarization glasses

  • Innovative BlackTuner-Technology for reliable object detection in dark image areas

  • Easily accessible DisplayPort 1.1 ports

  • Centralized power supply with an integrated power switch for complete disconnection from the mains supply. Therefore O watt energy consumption with the power switched off

  • Mirror fine adjustment for exact alignment

  • Highest product quality – Made in Germany

Limitations of alternative 3D-Displays

  • The active Shutter-Technology provides as a matter of principle a very dark 3D-Stereo image.

  • High-frequency shutter causes little tiredness on the eye and enhances quick fatigue.

  • Ambient light additionally strengthens flickering.

  • Line by line circular polarized displays reduce the resolution by 50%

  • Pixel-precise work is impossible with line by linepolarized monitors. Writings and menus aredifficult to read.

  • The Filter on the monitor and 3D glasses lead also to a dark 3D-Stereo image.

  • 3d-pluraview-bild-grid-1
  • 3d-pluraview-bild-grid-3
  • 3d-pluraview-bild-grid-20
  • 3d-pluraview-bild-grid-4