Complete-Solutions – Stealth 3D-Mouse

The perfect mesurement device for photogrammetry and mapping

The Stealth Mouse is an ergonomic, high performance 3D hand controller proven to enhance productivity and comfort for users of the demanding 3D software applications. With 10 programmable buttons and 33 programmable functions, the user can have functions and macros right at the fingertips. Operating together with or without the traditional mouse, the Stealth 3D Mouse delivers an efficient and balanced way to work while reducing hand fatigue.

  • USB plug-and-play compatibility. (COM port still available if required)
  • Supported by ALL Photogrammetric Application Software
  • Made in the USA and design protected by USA Patent number D457, 884 (S1), D615,980 (S3), D718,309 (S4)
  • Manufacturer Warranty Repair and Hardware & Software support at our Sales & Service Centers
  • Comfortable two-handed operational grip for GIS, Photogrammetry and Mapping Applications use
  • Optical mouse mechanism for fast high resolution that works well on ALL non-reflective surfaces and requires no maintenance
  • High resolution Z-wheel with 1.024 steps per revolution providing fast and accurate pointing
  • High precision X-Y-laser navigation for accurate position control. Soft acting force, long life buttons rated at 10 million cycles for maximum productivity
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Most powerful graphic cards for GIS

AMD RadeonPRO & NVIDIA Quadro

The right choice of graphic cards is a big part when determining quality and performance.


The right choice of graphic cards is a big part when determining quality and performance. With 16GB high speed HBM2 ECC RAM, Open GL 4.5 support and 4.09 OpenCL capable parallel processing units, the AMD RadeonPRO WX9100 offers an up to now not achieved performance and scalability, for analyzing and visualizing large databases. Only the AMD FirePRO and RadeonPRO cards have implemented the mirroring and rotation functionality to drive the 3D PluraView with 2x 4k. The new driver 18.Q1 enable the long awaited feature that 10bit color depth is also available with QuadBuffer Stereo.

With only one professional graphic card, you can control two monoscopic monitors and one 3D PluraView evaluation screen at the same time with the six monitor outputs of the AMD RadeonPRO WX9100. Even two 3D PluraView stereo monitors are selectable with just one graphic card.


NVIDIA Quadro P5000 delivers outstanding performance and quality With up to 2.048 CUDA/Open- CL programmable, parallel processing units and a graphic memory of 8GB GDDR-5 ECC, the Quadro P5000 is the perfect solution for complex applications such as biomedical sciences and seismic research, oil and gas prospection or photogrammetry.

The use of the correct driver is just as important, because only the ideal interaction between graphic card driver and application ensures full graphic card performance. It takes constant adapting of hardware drivers to guarantee a smooth operation with perfect results thus explaining the immense development effort from AMD and NVIDIA.
If the OpenGL core is up to date the graphic memory bandwidth measured by GB/sec and main memory size of the graphic card is more significant. Modern OpenGL commands are loading the complete model into the graphic card RAM. All further changes are triggered by short OpenGL commands to the GPU and being utilized directly at the graphic memory. The finished result is transferred to the monitor outputs immediately.

GIS Performance-Workstations

High-End Workstation-Solutions for complex GIS-Requirements

Schneider Digital has been specializing in tailor-made hardware solutions for professional 3D graphics since 1995. The company’s expertise is focused on the conception, build and configuration of performance workstations, which are exceled by flexible upgrade options and long-term upgrade ability.

By the collaboration with many hardware manufacturers, software companies and independent research institutes we’re informed at first-hand about the most recent developments. Our close contacts to various users are equally valuable for us. The result is a workstation solution from practical experience for practical application.

The challenge for GIS-applications is the combination of loading quickly large data quantities and visualizing them in a stereoscopic image on a suitable 3D monitor. Only if all hardware components display the required capacities and specialization, a fast motion within orthophotos is possible.

We not only know your applications in the main area of application for photogrammetry or geodesics, but also right up to the creation of 3D city models, digital GIS landscape models or even special tasks like architecture and accident photogrammetry.

Workstation RadeonPRO WX7100

EPYC und Intel Technology Provider Gold Logo

  • Newest Intel Xenon, AMD EPYC oder AMD Ryzen PRO processor technology
  • Up to four High-End graphic cards for CUDA
    or OpenCL applications in one workstation
  • High speed processors (up to 2x 28 Cores on Intel platform, up to 2x 32 cores with AMD EPYC)
  • Up to 2 TB fast DDR-4 ECC memory
  • High performance RAID with up to 12 GB/s transfer rate (SAS 3.0 technology), high speed SSD (Solid State Disks) up to 10 TB memory on request
  • Optional ultra-fast 10Gb LAN for connection to the file server
  • Highest quality of used components
  • 19” Rackmount compatible
  • Also server and cluster solutions possible