Exclusive premiere of the 3D GlobeView at the Jumpstarter event in Hong Kong

3D stereo big screen monitor live demo in the Asia-Pacific region in Hong Kong

The innovative 3D display system 3D GlobeView celebrated its first and exclusive live demonstration in the Asia-Pacific region during the Jumpstarter event in Hong Kong.

3D GlobeView, an advanced system aimed at replacing traditional 3D glasses or the Axiom AR table, transforms the results of 3D photogrammetry, BIM and point cloud data into an immersive live three-dimensional experience for digital twin applications.

To gain a comprehensive impression of this groundbreaking technology, visitors had the exclusive opportunity to participate in a live demo session led by our Senior Geospatial Manager, Eric Yau, on Friday, November 17, from 5:15 to 6:15 pm.

Download 3D GlobeView Folder

Various data sets from aerial and ground data were presented during this session. Visitors even had the opportunity to bring their own network data in .3MX format on a USB stick to use for a vivid visualization during the event.

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