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The VR PluraView Monitor in use with Softwise Cadmium

The engineering sector for BIM, GIS, CAD and LiDAR technologies now has many more capabilities: The combination of Softwise Cadmium software and the VR PluraView monitor enables a completely new range of applications through stereoscopic viewing. As an integrated hardware and software 3D-stereo solution, it fully ensures real-time processing and stereoscopic visualization of very large 3D CAD models and 3D

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VR PluraView Monitor in medical applications with Vesalius3D

The innovative, passive-stereo 3D PluraView monitor from Schneider Digital is designed for special use in a wide variety of medical applications. With additional VR tracking capability, it is the perfect VR-stereoscopic visualization partner for Vesalius3D – including head-tracking and gesture control via track-pens or -spheres as well as foot switches for zoom functions.

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Schneider Digital – virtual at INTERGEO Digital – The 3D PluraView live in online presentations

Live. Online. Individual. Experience the 3D PluraView passive 3D-stereo monitor in combination with leading 3D-stereo capable GEO / GIS applications. Take this opportunity to participate in INTERGEO 2020 and make an appointment for a web meeting or live chat with our 3D / VR specialists.

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VR PluraView – The new reference for passive 3D stereo displays for every requirement in medical application areas

As different as the applications in medical technology are, the 3D monitor solution is just as suitable: The innovative, passive stereo monitor from Schneider Digital offers for every requirement, e.g. in OR planning, 3D computed tomography, …

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Review MUNI WORLD 2020 in Israel – global brainstorming on the topics of smart cities and urban security

From February 18-20, 2020, mayors and executives from leading global cities met at the annual MUNI EXPO to reveal best practices and exchange expertise. The fair focuses on brainstorming the key challenges and threats to smart cities. Schneider Digital was able to actively contribute to this with its VR PluraView Monitor. The latest 3D and VR technologies for stereo software

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