Why switch to 3D PluraView Stereoscopic Monitors?

Support for LCD-shutter glasses 3D Vision Pro was canceled by NVIDIA in 2018!

The alternative by Schneider Digital is the 3D PluraView stereo monitor

In April of 2018, NVIDIA discontinued driver support for 3D Vision Pro technology for NVIDIA GPUs, which connected to the NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro Kit with active LCD shutter glasses and 3D Vision-ready stereoscopic monitors for gamers, film fans and photographers alike.

The now-legacy 3D Vision Pro display solution was supported by a variety of professional software applications, such as Siemens NX, Adobe, Autodesk CAx, Dassault Systems, Agisoft, DAT/EM, Hexagon, Erdas and Halliburton/Landmark.

Not just because of the discontinuation of NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro Kit, there is an increasing demand for improved, high-quality stereo visualization solutions in the growing professional 3D / VR market.

Flicker-free STEREO display reference: the 3D-stereo monitors ‘3D PluraView’

The 3D PluraView from Schneider Digital is the passive 3D-stereo system with the highest user satisfaction and acceptance of all 3D display systems currently available. Launched in 2016 as the successor to the PLANAR SD monitor series, the 3D PluraView monitors have quickly established themselves as the 3D-stereo reference with up to 4K resolution, 10-bit color and screen diagonals up to 28″.

With its eye-friendly stereoscopic display, the 3D PluraView monitors are designed for professional users of 3D-stereo capable applications. Their beam-splitter stereo technology has been proven by PLANAR since 2005 and offers the highest viewing quality for stereoscopic desktop displays. This technology ensures a perfect 3D-stereo experience with high resolution, even in office daylight conditions for many years of carefree and permanent usage.

3D PluraView –
supported applications:

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The 3D PluraView monitors are dual-screen systems and use a separate display for each stereo channel and eye, rendering stereo images in full resolution and brilliant brightness. For the user, the stereo effect is achieved through passive, cross-polarized and very lightweight glasses. Unlike active LCD shutter glasses, the lightweight, non-flickering polarized glasses, in combination with the PluraView monitors, are perfectly suitable for fatigue-free work inside 3D-stereo environments throughout the workday.

Any software that supports the discontinued NVIDIA 3D Vision shutter technology can also be used with the 3D PluraView stereo monitors. Therefore, a transition to this proven, flicker-free technology is completely without risk.

3D PluraView - Technology

As a low-cost, entry-level model, we recommend the 3D PluraView Compact with dual 22″ screens, Full-HD resolution.

Professional advice, solutions and support for all NVIDIA 3D Vision and Quadro Graphics card users

Important information for users of NIVDIA Quadro graphic solutions: According to NVIDIA, the last driver to support the 3D Vision Pro Kit, was issued in April 2019 and has the tag-ID 418.XX.

All subsequent NVIDIA graphics driver versions do not provide support for 3D-stereo!

Only critical security problems that may result from Windows updates were resolved until April 2019. After April 2019, users of 3D Vision kits depend on the previous driver versions and therefore previous version of Windows10.

All subsequent NVIDIA graphics driver versions do not provide support for 3D-stereo!
Technology Comparison Matrix


3D PluraView

NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro


Passive Stereo

Active Stereo

Available in Market

Yes, any quantity

Discontinued from April 2018, almost no stock


Very bright 3D-Stereo Image

Comparatively dark 3D-Stereo image

Type of Stereo

Dual-screen, non-flickering, permanent 3D Stereo; full monoscopic viewing capability on the vertical monitor

Single-screen, 120Hz shuttering Stereo with residual flickering/shuttering effects

Eye Strain

No eye strain, all-day usability

Residual screen flickering causes eye strain & long-term fatigue, operators require frequent breaks

Charging of glasses

Does not apply – passive principle

Battery glasses – need charging or replacement of battery cells

3D Glasses Technology

Cross-Polarized Glasses

Liquid LCD crystal layer between dual, transparent plastic panels


Up to 4K resolution per eye;
10bit color depth in STEREO with AMD FirePRO & Radeon PRO graphic cards

Only Full-HD and very few 2.5K screens supported by NVIDIA


Synchronous, and latency-free stereo image on two screens;

Supports AMD FreeSync and


Depending on 120Hz-screen type, several milliseconds delay between left and right stereo image due to switching principle with additional double-dark-phase to remove monitor afterglow effects

Driver Requirement

Plug & Play – also on mobile, laptop workstations;
No special Driver required, works with quad-buffered NVIDIA Quadro and with AMD FireGL & Radeon PRO cards

Requires 3D Vision Driver installation (last driver available in 2018)

Windows Support

Supports all Microsoft Windows OS from Windows XP, VISTA, Win 7, Win 10

also the latest available Windows 10 (build 21H1)

From 2020, Microsoft stopped support for NVIDIA 3D Vision driver in Windows 10

Black Area Enhancement

Black Turner Technology™ for object detection in dark areas   – highly useful for all Photogrammetry applications

No Black Turner Technology, no hardware image enhancement, much lower contrast, especially in dark, shadowed image areas


No stereo signal emitter necessary

Needs IR signal emitter for NVIDIA glasses

Power Supply

Centralized, single power supply for dual screens

Single-screen power supply, emitter is USB-powered, newer glasses with rechargeable battery, older with two non-rechargeable Lithium button cells

3rd Party Hardware requirement

No 3rd Party hardware required, everything included – PluraView monitor and three polarized glasses

Only emitter & one pair of glasses included in kit; a NVIDIA certified monitor must to be sourced and purchased separately


Global manufacturer support by Schneider Digital

No manufacturer support for NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro from April 2018

Day light suitable

Daylight Suitable, for normal office environments

Not Suitable, needs dark blinds or curtains due to low, single-screen brightness

Professional advice, solutions and support for all NVIDIA 3D Vision and Quadro Graphics card users


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