The innovative stereo photogrammetry monitor
3D PluraView – The sustainable High-End-Display

Flicker free and high-resolution visualization for a perfect 3D-Stereo experience

The 3D PluraView from Schneider Digital is the further developed successor of the folded PLANAR Beamsplitter-Series. Innovative, reliable technology is the foundation for precise, pixel accurate, stereoscopic image evaluation in highest quality, even in daylight. The 3D PluraView Beamsplitter-Technology delivers the full monitor resolution up to 4K in brilliant brightness, thanks to one display per eye.

That allows users to work comfortable and effortless in all 3D-Stereo-Applications. The new BlackTuner- Technology of the 3D PluraView supports the user even in dark picture areas to detect objects easily. A response time of only 1 ms reduces “Ghosting” and fuzziness. That’s the key to a perfect 3D-Stereovisualisation in all professional areas of applications.


Flicker free

for professional continuous use

Wide Visual Angle

Wide Visual Angle – Multi-User capability

Highest Brightness

Highest Brightness – Daylight suitable


Certified for Photogrammetry and GIS

Highest Resolution

Highest resolution – up to 4K/UHD

Elegant Design

Highest Quality – Made in Germany

The reference of passive 3D stereo monitors

3D PluraView Family – For the highest requirements in GIS and Mapping

Especially with GIS applications, users are faced with the challenge of quickly loading large amounts of data and usually visualizing them in stereoscopic display on a suitable 3D monitor. Those who have been working daily in their professional environment, e.g. in the GEO computer science or in laser Pointcloud applications, on high-resolution 3D-Stereo-Visualisierungen relies, wishes a flicker-free, daylight-capable 3D-Display, which almost a allows fatigue-free stereoscopic work throughout the day.

Schneider Digital has introduced 3D PluraView family of beam splitter-based passive 3D stereo displays to meet these needs. The 3D PluraView Monitors are specifically designed for the stereoscopic display of 3D software applications in industries such as photogrammetry, point cloud visualization of laser scans and 3D data visualization. Only with the 90° passive STEREO filters can homogeneous, closed surfaces and textures be reproduced down to the smallest detail.


3D PluraView – Advantages & Benefits

  • Passive Stereo Monitors have the highest user acceptance of any 3D display technology available on the market.

  • 3D PluraView users can work relaxed in window seats thanks to the high brightness.

  • The flicker-free 3D stereo display with the highest resolution measurably increases the motivation of the users.

  • Long-term experience in shift operation with highly qualified users who have been working with it for 10 years proves the usability.

  • The new 3D PluraView models with 4K resolution per eye provide new applications in BIM or laser scanning.

  • NEW! Professional addition to the HMD: VR PluraView with Head & Object Tracking now available!


  • Flicker free for relaxed 3D-operation professional continuous use

  • Highest Brightness – Suitable for seating near windows, one monitor being available for each eye

  • Wide Visual Angle – suitable for meetings of groups of up to 5 people

  • Highest resolution – up to 4K/UHD (8,3 MP per Eye) @ 10-Bit

  • Certified for Photogrammetry and GIS (AGISOFT, ESRI, HEXAGON, TRIMBLE, etc.)

  • Elegant design & highest quality – made in Germany

  • Plug & Play Technology established for 13 years