The innovative stereo photogrammetry monitor
3D PluraView – The sustainable High-End-Display

Flicker free and high-resolution visualization for a perfect 3D-Stereo experience

The 3D PluraView from Schneider Digital is the further developed successor of the folded PLANAR Beamsplitter-Series. Innovative, reliable technology is the foundation for precise, pixel accurate, stereoscopic image evaluation in highest quality, even in daylight. The 3D PluraView Beamsplitter-Technology delivers the full monitor resolution up to 4K in brilliant brightness, thanks to one display per eye.

That allows users to work comfortable and effortless in all 3D-Stereo-Applications. The new BlackTuner- Technology of the 3D PluraView supports the user even in dark picture areas to detect objects easily. A response time of only 1 ms reduces “Ghosting” and fuzziness. That’s the key to a perfect 3D-Stereovisualisation in all professional areas of applications.


Flicker free

for professional continuous use

Wide Visual Angle

Wide Visual Angle – Multi-User capability

Highest Brightness

Highest Brightness – Daylight suitable


Certified for Photogrammetry and GIS

Highest Resolution

Highest resolution – up to 4K/UHD

Elegant Design

Highest Quality – Made in Germany


  • Suitable for professional, eye-friendly continuous use all day long

  • Highest Brightness – darkened rooms for 3D-Stereo work are a thing of the past!

  • Razor-sharp picture quality (up to 4K) and and presentation of even the finest details on a 27/28” screen

  • Certified for all common 3D-Stereo software-applications for GIS, photogrammetry, mapping and scanning

  • Newest technology, further developed Replacement of the folded Planet Beamsplitter monitor series

  • User-friendly Plug & Play system – no complex cabling, set up or configuration