The reference of passive 3D stereo monitors

3D PluraView Family – For the highest requirements in GIS and Mapping

High resolution

FullHD, 2.5K or 4K per eye

Wide Visual Angle

for comfortable work even in a team

Supported graphics cards

all NVIDIA Quadro & all AMD FirePRO / RadeonPRO

Flicker free

for professional continuous use

Software Certified

for all 3D stereo applications

Compact design

Two different housings for optimal space utilization

Daylight suitable

through two bright and high-contrast displays

Noble design

Highest quality Made in Germany

Plug & Play

Works without driver with Microsoft / LINUX / macOS

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3D PluraView Monitor – Advantages & Benefits

Choose the reference in stereo visualization!

3D PluraView functions and advantages

  • Synchronous, latency-free image signal thanks to a new developed, in monitor case integrated mirror card on the 28 “model with 4K / 10bit @ 60Hz

  • Significantly reduced ghosting thanks to our exactly adjusted mirror and optimized polarization glasses

  • Innovative BlackTuner technology for secure object detection in dark areas of the 27/28“ model

  • Centralized power supply (27/28 “model) with an integrated power switch for complete disconnection from the mains supply. Therefore O watt energy consumption with the power switched off

  • Mirror fine adjustment for exact alignment

  • Highest product quality – Made in Germany

Limitations of alternative 3D-Displays

  • The active Shutter-Technology provides as a matter of principle a very dark 3D-Stereo image.

  • High-frequency shutter causes little tiredness on the eye and enhances quick fatigue.

  • Ambient light additionally strengthens flickering.

  • Line by line circular polarized displays reduce the resolution by 50%

  • Pixel-precise work is impossible with line by linepolarized monitors. Writings and menus aredifficult to read.

  • The Filter on the monitor and 3D glasses lead also to a dark 3D-Stereo image.


Highest user acceptance

Comfortable working in 3D-Stereo

The 3D PluraView promises extremely comfortable, precise and pixel-accurate image analysis in the highest resolution of up to 2x 4K resolution and a color depth of up to 10Bit per RGB. Thus all problems of users of devices with shutter technology are a thing of the past. Their active image separation requires a very dark, low-contrast stereo image. The high-frequency shutters can also strain the eyes and lead to rapid fatigue. Ambient light additionally amplifies the “flicker effect”.

Each 3D PluraView consists of two screens. This means that every user’s eye has a separate display and thus a separate image in full resolution and brilliant brightness. The image separation over the centrally mounted Beamsplitter mirror happens flicker-free through a passive polarizing filter. This makes the monitor suitable for regular, permanent work, even in 3-shift operation.

The 3D PluraView is the passive 3D-stereo system with the highest user satisfaction and user acceptance of all 3D-systems currently on the market! The beam splitter technology has been well established in the market since 2005 and has established itself in the 4K 10Bit version as a 3D-stereo reference.