Review: 7th Symposium of the WWII Aerial Photography Analysts from Nov. 27 to 30, 2018 in Schwerin: 3D PluraView stereoscopic analysis by Schneider Digital

The leading passive 3D stereo monitor for precise stereoscopic aerial image analysis

Schneider Digital participated as a specialist in photogrammetry hardware at the symposium of Kriegsluftbildauswerter in Schwerin from 27 to 30 November 2018 and presented the passive 3D stereo monitor.

The main topic of the symposium was the exchange of experience between the various fire brigade services with regard to the different working methods and current trends that influence them. In addition, the participants were able to familiarize themselves with the latest developments in hardware technology and software solutions in aerial photography. In the field of visualization, the focus was again on the 3D PluraView Monitor this year.

With its highlights, the 3D PluraView is the perfect passive 3D stereo monitor for precise stereoscopic aerial image analysis:

  • Passive Stereo Monitors have the highest user acceptance of any 3D display technology available on the market
  • The flicker-free 3D stereo display with the highest resolution measurably increases the motivation of the users
  • 3D PluraView users can work relaxed on window seats for extended periods of time thanks to the high brightness
  • Long-term experience in shifts with highly qualified users who have been working with it for 10 years demonstrates the comfortable usability
  • The new 3D PluraView models with 4K resolution per eye provide new applications for even more accurate aerial image analysis.

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