Podcast with Schneider Digital on geospatial community platform of SURVEYING GROUP

Podcast with Josef Schneider on gesospatial community plattform of SURVEYING GROUP
Schneider Digital CEO in interview: 3d visualisation „How it started … How it’s going“

There was an incredible revolution from basic stereoscopic viewers through to the recent VR/AR technologies. Schneider Digital is a great part of this revolution. Its 25 years of industry and product experience as well as its excellent relationships with leading manufacturers is the base of the success of Schneider Digital. Now SURVEYING GROUP talked to Josef Schneider about it. Questions like „How you can describe the transformation and what was milestone caused the technology revolution?“, „What is 3d visualization?, „And what is the most powerful side of the using 3d visualization?“, „How we can adapt 3d experience to our business?“, „What are the first five steps to start from today?“ or „What do you think about the metaverse in general?“, „Where should be taking place as a geospatial professional on this technology?“, are anewered.

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