Review Geospatial World Forum in Hyderabad, Indien

Holistic GIS solution from Schneider Digital and DAT / EM

From January 15th to 19th 2018, the Geospatial World Forum took place at the Hyderabad International Convention Center (India). Here, Schneider Digital jointly presented its partner, the TerraSolid specialist DAT / EM, the new monitor generation of the 3D PluraView in practical use with the GIS software TerraStereo.

Affiliates showed a holistic GIS solution, consisting of the latest software version of TerraStereo and the new passive 4K 3D stereo display 3D PluraView. The new monitor generation of the 3D PluraView is now available in two housing models, three resolutions (Full HD, 2.5K, 4K) and up to a color depth of 10 bits. The 3D PluraView is the reference of the passive 3D stereo monitors for all applications in GIS and photogrammetry and successor of the adjusted Planar Beamsplitter monitor series.

Many visitors took this opportunity to get to know all the features and special highlights of the new 3D PluraView live in practice with the latest software version of TerraSolid


  • High resolution: FullHD, 2.5K or 4K per eye
  • Flicker-free for professional continuous use
  • Suitable for daylighting due to two bright and high-contrast displays
  • Wide viewing angle for comfortable working even in a team
  • Compact design: Different housings for optimal space requirements
  • Premium design, highest quality, Made in Germany
  • Software certified for all 3D stereo applications
  • Plug & Play: works without drivers with Microsoft / LINUX / MAC-OS
  • Supported graphics cards: all NVIDIA Quadro & all AMD FirePRO / RadeonPRO

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