Alliance between Schneider Digital and GeoToolBox Ibérica

Expansion of sales & support for 3D PluraView to Iberian Peninsula and Latin America

Schneider Digital e.K. (SDIG) and GeoToolBox Ibérica (GTBi) have today announced the signing of a partnership agreement under which GTBi will be authorized to sell and support Schneider Digital 3D PluraView and workstation/server solutions on the Iberian Peninsula and in Latin America.

The extensive client network established by GTBi and their client’s requirements for complete aerial survey solutions, supplied by GTBi, can now be fully satisfied by adding workstation and 3D PluraView solutions for photogrammetric feature capture. Similarly, SDIG custom-built servers add a well-proven solution to GTBi’s clients for the processing large amounts of Vexcel UltraCam images within the UltraMap processing environment.

About Schneider Digital:

Established in Miesbach, southern Germany in 1995, Schneider Digital is the market leader for passive stereoscopic desktop systems, the 3D PluraView monitor series. These are widely employed in the geospatial/photogrammetric industry, where the stereoscopic display with the highest resolution, pixel-precise measurements and flicker-free ergonomics are key to successfully completed projects. Schneider Digital is currently the only company worldwide, providing complete photogrammetric hardware solutions to clients around the globe, consisting of the 3D PluraView desktop systems, SDIG professional workstations and Stealth hand-held controllers for precise stereoscopic feature capture. These professional desktop hardware capabilities are perfectly complemented by modular, custom-built image processing and data storage server solutions, allowing ultra-fast processing of UAV, LiDAR and large-format aerial camera datasets.

3D-stereoscopic software applications:
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About GeoToolBox Ibérica:

Established in Madrid, Spain, in 2002, with offices in Colombia and Portugal, GTBi has a network of commercial agents in all Latin American countries. GTBi has been providing large format photogrammetry and lidar solutions in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, as well as in other countries, for more than 20 years, having carried out work in more than 50 countries. GTBi is a distributor of the world’s leading brands of photogrammetric cameras, airborne lidar, geographic information production software, and auxiliary systems, such as Schneider Digital stereoscopic vision systems, 3D mouse-controllers and other processing hardware. GTBi is also the exclusive worldwide point of sale and support for the UltraScan5000 photogrammetric scanners. Our areas of activity are: sales, support, maintenance and training in Spanish, Portuguese and English language.

“Through this alliance with Schneider Digital, GTBi achieves closer relations with a strategic partner. This completes the GTBi products portfolio by the most advanced stereoscopic vision systems, professional workstations and computation servers. We are very excited about this new alliance, which will expand the capabilities of both companies and better serves our markets and clients for professional geographic information production systems.” Salvador Primo (CEO of GTBi)

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