DER SPIEGEL report on youtube: Deployment for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and 3D PluraView Monitor

Tracking down unexploded ordnance with modern 3D analysis

The youtube video by DER SPIEGEL |”80 years after the firestorm: On the road with the explosive ordnance disposal experts” reports on the lurking, highly explosive dangers in Hamburg’s soil. There are still many aerial bombs lying in the former rubble fields of the Second World War. No one knows exactly where: the complicated search for unexploded ordnance begins.

For every construction project in Hamburg, the suspicion of explosive ordnance must be clarified in advance, a vital measure for the construction team and the residents. The Hamburg Explosive Ordnance Investigation Unit “searches” for these highly dangerous contaminated sites from the Second World War by means of aerial photo evaluation with 3D analysis.



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For this purpose, aerial photo evaluators rely on the passive 3D stereo beam splitter monitors 3D PluraView from Schneider Digital. The professional analysis using 3D GIS software identifies the sources of danger with precise stereoscopic aerial image evaluation. This is followed by the risky job of defusing by a demolition expert and his team. In Hamburg, more than 11,000 aerial bombs have been defused since 1945. The effects of the air raids still today and in the future include a wide range of potential tasks with the aim of ensuring the greatest possible safety for the residents and all employees in the explosive ordnance disposal service – with the support of the latest 3D PluraView technology from Schneider Digital.

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