Review MUNI WORLD 2020 in Israel – global brainstorming on the topics of smart cities and urban security

VR PluraView in action to support future security challenges

From February 18-20, 2020, mayors and executives from leading global cities met at the annual MUNI EXPO to reveal best practices and exchange expertise. The fair focuses on brainstorming the key challenges and threats to smart cities. Schneider Digital was able to actively contribute to this with its VR PluraView Monitor. The latest 3D and VR technologies for stereo software applications in air surveillance, defense, GIS / mapping and photogrammetry, with which future security challenges can be supported, were presented. The event agenda included:

  • Smart Cities – Innovation, Environmental Issues and Approaches to Urban Planning and Transport
  • Special exhibition and conference on the threats of urban terrorism to smart cities

Schneider Digital was on site as an exhibitor with its innovative VR PluraView monitor and demonstrated the modern possibilities with 3D stereo and VR visualization against threats of urban terrorism live in practical use.

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