New 3D PluraView basic model with 2.5K – Better resolution and brightness at the same price

Higher resolution and brightness at the same price

On time for the Intergeo 2017 in Berlin, Schneider Digital presented the new basic model of the passive stereo monitor 3D PluraView at the worlds leading trade fair GIS – with a 2.5K display-resolution per eye.

With 2 x 3.7 MP resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) on a 27” screen display, the 2.5K Schneider Digital passive stereo display represents a new entry in the 3D PluraView reference class. 3.7 MP display resolution offers 77% more screen workspace than a full HD system with 2.1 MP.

The monitor has been specially developed for the stereoscopic display of 3D software applications such as photogrammetry, scatter plot visualisation of laser scans, and for 3D data visualisation in oil and gas production. There are also many users in computer tomography, medical technology and molecular research who benefit from its 77% higher basic resolution.

3D-PluraView 2,5K new basic model

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The new 3D PluraView 2.5K now has stereo brightness of 210 cd/m² thanks to the latest LED BackLite technology. With a virtual 17% increase in brightness compared to the full HD model, the 3D PluraView 2,5K. is even better suited to 3D stereo analysis in natural light.

With the new 2.5K base model and the successful high-resolution 3D PluraView 4K, Schneider Digital continues to distinguish itself in the competition of professional 3D stereo monitor providers.

The innovative 3D PluraView 2.5K has been available at Schneider Digital since december of 2017.

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