Review: From 4th to 6th July 2018 AGIT30 in Salzburg

VR PluraView – The new desktop VR / AR monitor for best practice solutions

The AGIT Symposium & Expo for Applied Geoinformatics took place in Salzburg for the 30th time. “The human being as an individual in the center” was the guiding principle of AGIT this year. Themes of Autonomous Driving through Smart City Initiatives to Citizen Science thrilled the visitors. The AGIT mix of research, development and industry was reflected in the AGIT EXPO. There was lively operation and communication in the foyers of the NaWi, the EXPO was well booked with over 50 exhibitors this year. The visitors were offered a colorful mix of all areas of geoinformatics, which contributed to the liveliness of the EXPO.

At the AGIT Symposium & Expo, Schneider Digital presented the new PluraView VR, an innovative desktop VR monitor with passive 3D beam splitter technology. The new PluraView Monitor is a fully fledged desktop VR / AR system based on the successful 3D PluraView from Schneider Digital. Equipped with a high-tech tracking system, the VR PluraView Monitor now also enables active interaction with 3D stereo content – rotate, move, rotate, zoom, tilt and more. no longer with the mouse, but gesture-controlled via tracking balls. The great advantage of this: the mature, established passive 3D stereo beam splitter technology allows the user fatigue-free VR work, even over a longer period of time. Not only short-term spatial VR viewing, but a professional VR continuous application in flicker-free and highest quality display of up to 4K per eye is made possible.

Working on the Planar technology market for 15 years, Schneider Digital continuously developed its 3D PluraView passive 3D stereo monitor into the VR system and optimized it for use in the GIS and GEO space. The 3D PluraView product family impresses with highest user acceptance through perfected technology, highest quality and functional design with two housing sizes.

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