Review 16th International 3D Forum Lindau 2017 – 3D PluraView live BIM sector

The new 3D PluraView Monitor – in practice live in the field of BIM and urban planning

New, exciting topics as well as applications in the areas of BIM, urban planning, 3D plant models, smart cities or the derivation of accurate 3D models from satellite-based data were the subject of the presentations and presentations at this year’s 3D Forum in Lindau. Schneider Digital enriched this with its all-new PluraView 3D monitor, supporting the latest developments and trends in the rapidly advancing technology of 3D city / building and landscape models.



The event was directed u. a. to managers and executives of municipalities, administrative districts, municipal utilities and other public institutions as well as universities and companies in the fields of urban planning, urban development, energy supply, civil engineering, traffic infrastructure planning, water management GIS, surveying, tourism, geomarketing, economic development, real estate marketing, facility management and to system manufacturers, service providers and project promoters working in these fields of activity.

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