Review: GEOINT, Florida, USA, April 22-25, 2018

3D PluraView in use for spatial analysis of data and information in geoinformation systems

The annual GEOINT Symposium is hosted by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF), a nonprofit educational institution in Tampa, Florida, USA. It is the largest GIS meeting of defense, defense and homeland security industry, science and government, as well as geoinformation technology, photogrammetry and geodesy stakeholders.

The event provided opportunities for more than 3,500 visitors from around the world and over 250 exhibitors to meet GIS solutions, collect ideas, share experiences, and network.

Together with his partner Kelyn Technologies, Schneider Digital demonstrated at the partner stand BAE Systems with his innovative 3D PluraView passive 3D stereo monitor, live in practice the latest showcases around spatial analysis of data and information in geographic information systems in geoinformatics.

Interested visitors got to know one of the established successors of the Planar monitors with the advanced beam splitter technology. Working on the Planar technology market for 15 years, Schneider Digital has continuously developed its 3D PluraView passive 3D stereo monitor and optimized it for use in GIS and GEO applications. The 3D PluraView product family impresses with highest user acceptance through perfected technology, highest quality and functional design.


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