Review: The United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress from 19.11. until 21.11.2018 in China: 3D PluraView from Schneider Digital

The leading passive 3D stereo monitor – a real 3D stereo feeling by hand and live experience!

From 19-21 November 2018, geospatialists from governments, non-governmental organizations, academia and research institutes, as well as the private sector, came to The United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress. The United Nations initiator UN-GKIM has set itself the goal of substantially promoting communication, knowledge and applications in the field of geo-information, so that regional and global challenges can be optimally implemented by the geo-information management of the Member States. The congress will also intensify the cooperation of the Member States’ geoinformation management and thus support the sharing of geodata and geodata-oriented, sustainable development.

In addition to the varied program that was offered to the visitors, there were interesting topics at the numerous stands of the exhibiting partners. The booth of Schneider Digital, who used their 3D PluraView monitors together with South applications to experience a true 3D stereo feeling personally and live, was also very popular. The secret is two displays that are perpendicular to each other, separated by a “Beamsplitter” disc in the bisector.

With its highlights, the 3D PluraView is the perfect passive 3D stereo monitor for geospatial applications:

  • Passive Stereo Monitors have the highest user acceptance of any 3D display technology available on the market
  • 3D PluraView users can work relaxed in window seats thanks to the high brightness
  • The flicker-free 3D stereo display with the highest resolution measurably increases the motivation of the users
  • Long-term experience in shifts with highly qualified users who have been working with it for 10 years demonstrates the comfortable usability
  • The new 3D PluraView models with 4K resolution per eye provide new applications in BIM or laser scanning
  • NEW! Professional supplement to the HMD: PluraView PluraView with Head & Object Tracking

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