Review 17th International 3D Forum Lindau on Bodensee

3D PluraView in use for municipalities, districts, municipal utilities and other public institutions as well as universities

The 3D Forum Lindau once again offered a good opportunity this year to present the latest developments and trends in an extremely fast-moving technology of 3D city and building models with all its related topics such as BIM, mobile mapping, UAVs etc. compact and informative to get presented.

The event is thus aimed u. a. to leaders of municipalities, counties, public utilities and other public institutions, as well as to universities and companies in the fields of e.g. Urban planning, urban development, public utilities, civil engineering, infrastructure planning, GIS, surveying, tourism, geomarketing and business development.

Many exhibitors were available for demonstration, discussion and exchange – including Schneider Digital with its innovative 3D PluraView passive 3D stereo monitor, which demonstrates its performance live to practical visitors in the fields of airspace monitoring, GIS / mapping and photogrammetry demonstrated with 4K resolution per eye, total flicker and daylight capability.


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