The VR PluraView Monitor in use with Softvise Cadmium

Professional 3D stereo visualization for BIM, GIS & Engineering

The engineering sector for BIM, GIS, CAD and LiDAR technology now has many more capabilities: The combination of Softvise Cadmium software and the VR PluraView monitor enables a completely new range of applications through stereoscopic viewing. As an integrated hardware and software 3D-stereo solution, it fully ensures real-time processing and stereoscopic visualization of very large 3D CAD models and 3D laser scans.

In the industrial environment, the amount of digital data is continuously growing. Computer-Aided Design models can now reach sizes that are well above the main memory capacity of standard PCs. Softvise has developed a 3D visualization software for engineers that allows such models to be displayed interactively at any speed and level of detail. In combination with the VR PluraView Monitor, a stereoscopic 3D workplace solution is created for the visualization of very large CAD and BIM models, combined with 3D laser point clouds. With unlimited model size, detailed representations can be reproduced extremely faithfully. A real revolution in engineering:

  • 3D design verification and decision support
  • Integrated support for VR head-tracking on the PluraView
  • Designed for Building Information Modeling (BIM), GIS and engineering
  • Representation of very large area GIS models with dynamically focused, detailed representations
  • Multi-CAD and 3D laser scans in a single model
  • Measuring, cut planes, layer show / hide, search functionality and much more

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