Award: 3D Visual Monitor for Medical Awards!

3D PluraView Graphy Medical Award 2020
Schneider Digital is named “3D Visual Monitor Hardware for Medical of the Year”

Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions (Mumbai / India) gives Schneider Digital the 3D Graphy Medical Award 2020. With their platform 3D Graphy, which is entirely dedicated to the topic of 3D technology, they are unique in India. Every year they award outstanding products, for example 3D hardware, with regard to new and innovative technologies in the areas of 3D printing, VR / AR and AI. The 3D PluraView product family from Schneider Digital received the “3D Visual Monitor of the Year” award for the medical sector.

The VR PluraView from Schneider Digital is the new reference for passive 3D-stereo monitors for every requirement in medical applications, such as in surgery planning, 3D computed tomography, anatomical imaging, 3D printing or the evaluation of visual medical data. Working with the latest technology is not only of great benefit to institutes, hospitals and research facilities, employees also benefit from it. Tasks can be implemented faster and more precisely, which significantly increases the motivation of the user as well as the identification with the task area.

Stereoscopic viewing and virtual work is possible with this 3D monitor solution, the VR PluraView Monitor, close to reality. Even virtual interaction via head tracking and gesture control is included here. The VR PluraView 4K visualizes with 10 bit color depth on a screen diagonal of 28 “3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. The model is available in a premium housing with an integrated DisplayPort 1.2 mirror card.

All further information about the new medical 3D stereo monitor VR PluraView

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