CATIA certified for 3D PluraView

A 3D fusion with endless possibilities

The 3D software application CATIA from the French company Dassault Systèmes has already successfully established itself in many industries worldwide: in aerospace, the automotive and supplier industry, the construction industry, industrial manufacturing, energy and product technology, mechanical and plant engineering, healthcare, and Formula 1.

CATIA is not just a CAD application, but a comprehensive software package for product design and development. With CATIA, users can model any product and turn it into a three-dimensional, interactive application. The perfect tool for engineers, architects, technicians, designers and construction professionals. CATIA’s sophisticated system architecture allows the most complex products to be developed, analyzed, modified and virtually experienced in real time. CATIA is plug-and-play compatible with Schneider Digital’s professional 3D PluraView monitors.

The 3D PluraView monitor systems provide the optimal stereo environment for comfortable and fatigue-free work in all 3D stereo and VR/AR desktop application areas. They are based on the innovative and reliable “Beamsplitter” technology and guarantee a pixel-precise 3D stereo display in highest image quality. Both software and hardware meet the high requirements of international standards in terms of quality and safety. Schneider Digital has already certified its 3D PluraView monitors for several hundred applications. With CATIA, another powerful unit is added.

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