KELYN3D is the sole authorized distributor of Schneider Digital products for North America. KELYN3D proudly offers ultra-high-resolution 3D stereo monitor solutions for users seeking an immersive experience for more accurate results and better outcomes. This includes up to 4K (UHD) resolution per monitor and stereo channel. Some of the 3D target use cases include Mechanical Engineering, CAD, BIM, Modeling, Geospatial, GIS, Medical, Pharma and Forensic, among others.

Key KELYN3D solutions include the PluraView 3D monitor for unmatched ease-of-use and comfort for viewing, analysis and editing of 3D content. PluraView 3D Monitors allow users to work in 3D while visualizing true, accurate 3D flicker-free for professional use, and with daylight suitable brightness.

The 79” GlobeView 3D-stereo monitor is ideal for presenting 3D content in a group setting. GlobeView delivers visualization of true, accurate 3D with 4K Resolution.

Schneider digital’s Very High-Power Workstations platforms have proven themselves over many years, make it possible to offer special and well-thought-out concepts for all areas of application.

KELYN3D is a subsidiary of KELYN Technologies, a trusted provider of data security, management and backup and recovery solutions for demanding government and enterprise users.

North American Repairs

KELYN3D is the only North American authorized repair center for Schneider Digital products. KELYN3D has stock replacement parts available in the U.S.

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Partnerships - Esri

KELYN3D is a proud member of the Esri Partner Network (EPN), which enables the company to support customers with business solutions, implementation services, and dynamic content by leveraging ArcGIS technology across every industry. For over 50 years, Esri partners have served as vital industry experts to their customers and are committed to their success. Partners help users around the world utilize the benefits of GIS software and location intelligence.

CASE STUDIES featured in Lidar News

Lidar News featured several KELYN3D customers, demonstrating innovative companies that are leveraging advanced 3D technologies for enhanced visualization and improved modeling and design outcomes. Read the case studies below:


Forsite Consultants: Lidar Based Tree Inventories and 3D Photogrammetry Technology

An integrated forest management company known for its expertise in forestry and forest management solutions. The company plays a significant role in forest management and forestry technology in Canada, with a strong focus on innovation and expertise in this field.

M.A.N. Mapping Services: High Quality Photogrammetric Mapping

M.A.N. Mapping Services strives to produce the highest quality maps for clients. After assessing the needs of a project, the company will tailor a solution that will provide a reliable map that meets or exceeds the accuracy requirements.

Towill, Inc.: Geomatics Services, Surveying, Mapping, and Geospatial Solutions

Towill, Inc. offers a wide range of services, including advanced surveying, mapping, construction and boundary surveys, data conversion, geodatabase design, and custom geospatial solutions.


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