TerraSolid- TerraStereo

Sophisticated Visualization of Very Large Point Clouds

TerraStereo is a stand-along application for visualizing very large point clouds. It uses high-performance graphics boards
for rendering huge amounts of points fastly and in high quality. The software enables you to:

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  • Visualize up to 50 billion points that are organized in a TerraScan project

  • Perform visual analysis and quality check in both, small and large scale displays

  • Navigate through the point cloud freely or based on TerraScan trajectory files

  • Create animations

  • Combine different visualization channels in order to improve the perceptibility of objects in the point cloud

  • Switch point classes on/off

  • Apply elevation exaggeration to the point cloud for specific analysis tasks

  • Measure distances within the point cloud

  • View laser data in stereo mode and create stereo screencaptures

  • Easily change between different display channels and point rendering modes

  • Digitize line vector elements and export them to TerraSurvey

... and more!

  • Easily change between different display channels and point rendering modes
  • Elevation, intensity and class coloring
  • Color by RGB values
  • TerraZ rendering method for masking foreground objects
  • Shaded surface display
  • Point density coloring
  • Shaded surface display
  • Different quality levels for point rendering

3D PluraView Monitor – Prospekt-Download

Terrasolid 3D PluraView Folder EN

3D PluraView – Video